Personal Appearance Code

Calvary Christian School maintains a moderate dress code to promote an atmosphere of learning. Experience has shown that standards of dress are directly related to a child’s learning and standard of conduct. Students shall dress modestly in conformance with one’s biological sex and not wear clothing that would be distracting in the classroom. The following rules apply to all students.


  1. Boys and girls may wear pants; however, blue jeans are not allowed (except on  monthly jeans days). Other colored denim pants may be worn.
  2. All pants must fit properly (not tight fitting and not baggy).  Pants must be at least ankle length and may not drag the floor. In addition, pants may not be torn, dirty, or  deemed distracting by the staff.
  3. No shorts or “skorts” may be worn.
  4. Plain or patterned shirts are preferred. Shirts with brand logos may be worn if the logo is discreet and not covering the front or back of the shirt. Shirts may not contain messages. Shirts with “generic” pictures, such as flowers, hearts, animals, etc. are acceptable, however, those with sports emblems, action figures, super heroes, tv/movie characters, etc. are not acceptable.
  5. No jogging suits, sweat suits, or wind suits may be worn in the classroom. Girls may wear velour or knit pants; however they cannot have writing or stripes down the legs.
  6. No pullover hooded sweatshirts may be worn in the classroom.
  7. Girls may wear dresses or skirts, however, they must reach the top of the knee when sitting or standing. Leggings or tight fitting stretch pants may only be worn under a skirt, dress, or top which must reach the top of the knee.
  8. No tank tops may be worn. For girls, no midriffs, backless, or spaghetti strap tops may be worn. Boys may not wear sleeveless shirts – girls may wear sleeveless tops if the armholes are not so large as to show undergarments.
  9. All shirts, tops, etc, must totally cover the stomach whether sitting, standing, or reaching.
  10. Students must wear shoes. No beach type “flip flops” are allowed.
  11. Hair should be neat and clean. No “designs” or “spikes” may be cut into the hair and hair dying or streaking in un-natural colors is not allowed. Hair must be kept above the eyes and boys’ hair must be above the collar in the back.
  12. No “gothic” styles will be allowed. No chains, body piercing (except girls’ earrings), or tattoos are allowed.
  13. Jewelry may be worn in moderation and should not be distracting.

Teachers and staff retain the right to determine if any dress is inappropriate or distracting to the rest of the class. We really count on our parents’ full cooperation in the dress of our students. Students who come to school with inappropriate apparel, may be asked to call their parents and have appropriate clothing brought to them.

DRESS OF P.E .CLASSES – Students are required to wear a uniform consisting of a blue Calvary Christian T-shirt and gray or black shorts. Gray sweat pants may be worn in place of the shorts. Uniforms may be purchased from the school office.