If you have not yet been a part of our Parent Teacher Fellowship group please take this opportunity to do so.  It is a great way to become involved with all we are doing here at Calvary and benefits your child’s education as well. Meetings are held the first Friday of the month after Chapel in the Library.

facebook-logo Please join our private facebook group for frequent updates!


Classic Cookie Fundraiser

Great Cookies and so much more. Our kids are given the opportunity to sell Classic Cookies for prizes and to help raise money for the school. This fundraiser is available at the beginning of the school year.

Box Tops
Please collect box tops and drop them off in the box in the office. This helps to raise funds for the school!

Scrip Program
Reduce your family tuition while also helping raise funds for our school Tuition Assistance Program  using This is a rebate program that allows you to make a percentage on every dollar spent, without spending any more money than you already would!  Example:  If you regularly purchase Starbucks,  buy a gift card through Scrip to pay for your lattes!  Starbucks has a 7% rebate.  If you purchase a gift card for $25, you get a  $25 card  PLUS 7% goes to Calvary Christian School.    This is split 50/50 between your family school tuition and the schools Tuition Assistance program.  There are 700+ vendors all with carrying rebate amounts, and many options for ordering.  Please ask for info in the office or email