Calvary Baptist Church cooperates with other SBC churches as part of the Southern Baptist Convention to send missionaries around the world and across North America.

Calvary Baptist Church cooperates with other Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) churches as part of the Souther Baptist Convention to send missionaries around the world and across North America.  Calvary supports these missionaries by contributing to the SBC Cooperative Program.  We also offer special offering collection times throughout the year for individuals to give directly to the International Mission Board (IMB), North American Mission Board (NAMB), Dakota Baptist Convention (DBC) and local needs as they arise.

April Special Offering Time:

The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering® is much more than an offering envelope and an annual missions-giving emphasis. When people give to the offering, 100 percent of their gift will be transformed into missionary salaries and ministry supplies. Those missionaries and supplies will help others hear the message of Christ and respond in faith to His offer of salvation. Time and again our missionaries relate how the offering is their lifeblood. They know that behind each penny given, there is a Southern Baptist who believes in what they do and are affirming the need to equip them to share the gospel with those who need a Savior.

September Special Offering Time:

The Baker Mission offering is used to meet the needs here in the Dakotas such as reaching out to those affected by disasters, helping pastors and their families as they face emergencies, and partnering with churches as they engage in ministry events in their community.

December Special Offering Time:

“His heart, His voice, His hands – I am Southern Baptist missions.” It reminds us that as followers of Jesus, we – the Church – are called to be the body of Christ. We are His heart, His hands and His voice in the midst of a world filled with un-reached peoples. We are part of the task to fulfill the Great Commission. And although we Southern Baptists have been praying, giving and going for 160 years, the task is far from finished.