Over Christmas break we started the next phase of the TWB project.  As with anything, the infrastructure comes first and so city water and sewer are going in, thanks to everyone who helped this become reality.  I thank God for his guidance and am looking forward to the plans he has for this project.

A plan

We are super excited to share this plan.  I would never have guessed at the amount of work it would take to get us to this point, but the sowing of seeds is reaping benefits now.  There are tons of details packed in this layout, from having easy access to bathrooms for younger students, securing the entrance for safety and making the gym space truly multi-use just to name a few.

Building Team News

News from the Building Team who has decided to pursue a large format building with room for up to 16 classrooms and a high school sized gymnasium. Just as God decreed in Genesis 3, there are thorns and thistles, but by the sweat of our face we shall eat this bread. And sweat they have; working hard to make this project a reality. As you can gather from the plan this is a building to grow into serving Calvary Christian School for many years to come and as such the budget will increase slightly from the planned 1.5 M to 1.9 M. We will have new drawings soon and I’m looking forward to continuing the Capital Campaign. God Bless.