Kindergarten Hearts

The Heart of a Kindergartner

Mrs. Pierce’s kindergarten class gathered around in a circle for their daily Bible Study lesson during the week of our Nacho fundraiser, learning about a missionary family in Spain.  The story described how this family felt God leading them to open a retreat center to use as means of sharing the Gospel.  They had to pray and trust God to provide.  They sent letters to churches and asked people to pray with them.  The result was that God provided exactly what the family needed to do the ministry to which He had called them too.  In an effort to relate this story to the kids, Mrs. Pierce told her students about how we have been praying for our school because we feel God would like to make our school bigger so more kids could come.  She told them that’s why our lunch staff is serving Nacho’s and Root Beer Floats this week.  The next day, two girls in her class came to school with money they wanted to give to help make their school bigger.   Mrs. Pierce checked with both girls’ parents to make sure they knew what the girls were doing.  Both mom’s said their girls had come home asking if they could give some of their OWN money to help their school.  A third little girl brought money later that week.

God is moving in the hearts of each of us, it’s up to us on how we respond.  So thankful for these little children’s example of responding to what God lays on our heart.  What a blessing it is to have Bible as part of our everyday curriculum.