Last year we were blessed by reaching our goal of $20,000 through the Giving Tree and are hopeful to reach that goal again.  Through this time of Thanksgiving and Christmas  we will again have the TWB Giving Tree by the school office.  The tree has envelopes attached to it that are numbered 1 to 200 and were decorated by the students.  We are asking that you prayerfully consider taking one or more of the envelopes and return them to the school or church office with the amount of money equal to the number on the envelopes.  If all the envelopes are taken and returned we will have raised another $20,000.  The progress will be tracked on a thermometer also located by the school office when money and envelopes are returned.  By filling the envelopes we will also be able to take advantage of the last $15,000 in matching money!  Join us, as we continue to move forward in the process to build.