We at Calvary Christian School have become increasingly convinced that Christian  textbooks (those which present every subject from  a Christian perspective or “Biblical Worldview”) are an essential part of a distinct Christian education.

Dr. Paul Vitz, a professor at New York University has written a book entitled, “Censorship: Evidence of Bias in our Children’s Textbooks”. In this book Dr. Vitz reports the results of a government-funded survey of  the way religion and traditional values are represented in 90 widely used reading and social studies textbooks in United States schools. He summarized his findings as follows:

“Religion, traditional family values, and conservative political and economic positions have been reliably excluded from children’s textbooks”.

We have seen this trend continue, with the recent SB 777 in California, which will require textbooks used in California public schools, to discriminate against God’s plan for the family of one husband and one wife. Other cases continue to force secular textbook publishers to present evolutionary theory as fact.

Therefore, our school uses only textbooks from Christian publishers for our curriculum.

Our school currently uses textbooks and materials from the following publishers:

  • A Beka Book
  • Bob Jones University Press
  • Association of Christian Schools International Publishers.

We have found that these textbooks provide excellent academics as well as present the subject matter from a complete Christian perspective.

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