The first Sunday of every Month, a group will take the items collected and prepare a Spaghetti meal for the homeless and needy.  We are always collecting items to make this meal possible.

These are the items we need each month in order to serve this meal.  There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board outside the church office for an accurate account of the items needed each time.

Qty                 Size                                       Item                                 

12                   4 Lb Jars or 64 Oz Cans       Spaghetti Sauce

10                   2 Lb packages                      Dry Spaghetti Noodles

10                   1 Lb Pre-cooked                  Hamburger Meat

8                     2 lb bags                               Salad

4                     16 oz bottles                         Italian Dressing

7                     Bunches                               Bananas

7                     Large bags                           Apples and Oranges

3                     8 oz containers                    Parmesan Cheese

1                     Large Tub                            Butter

4                     Containers                           Drink Mix

1                     Bottle                                  Vegetable Oil

Helpers:  At least 4 people are needed to help serve the meal.