Calvary Christian School desires to provide an environment conductive to the spiritual growth and development of all students. A standard of conduct based on Biblical principles is therefore very important. Therefore, we ask all students in grades 5 and 6, along with their parents, to read and pledge their support to the following standards.

Attitude – Our attitude is the single most important aspect of creating a Christ-like atmosphere at our school. Students enrolled at Calvary Christian should have a desire to come to our school and a desire to be Christ-like in their actions towards themselves and others.

Personal Appearance – Students enrolling accept our school’s Personal Appearance Code rules and agree to abide by them.

Respect – Students will readily show the proper and willing respect to all students and faculty.

Language – Students will honor Christ with their speech. There can be no swearing, indecent or vulgar language.

General – Students should maintain Christian standards in courtesy, kindness, morality, and honesty.

With everyone working together, we can make our school enjoyable and be a school that honors Christ. We want to be “in the world” to make a difference – rather than be “of the world”.


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